Setting Social Media Goals

As 2013 comes to an end, many people make New Year’s resolutions. I used to be skeptical and (almost) cynical about such resolutions but now… I still am.

Nevertheless, I will approach the new year with a clear set of goals in mind, when it comes to my social media presence. More precisely, here are the exact numbers:

  • Twitter: Increase my number of followers from 170 to 200. (And I already know how to do it, YAY! Here we go:
  • Facebook: Increase my number of friends from 445 to 450 (With the current FB mass panic and exodus setting the goal to 500 would be unrealistic and I don’t want a strange number as a goal that nobody can keep in mind, like 460 or 477)
  • Klout: Keep my Klout score somewhere between 40 and 50
  • WordPress: Reach 1000 page views. At the moment I have about 460. So, yes, the blog will be my most ambitious project… And since YOU are already here, please visit all my other posts and click on each and every post at least 20 times 😉 That way, I might reach this ambitious aim. By the way, I will also try to provide quality content… really. And post funny/cute memes, once in a while. Here we go:


  • ResearchGate: Increase my score from 8.48 to 10 (I really pray to all the research(gate) gods that they don’t change the composition of the score. Otherwise, it might become difficult).
  • Increase my number of followers from 38 t0 50 and my page views from 56 to 100 (Yes, I’m not a big academia.eduthiast)
  • LinkedIn: Increase my number of contacts from 126 to 150
  • Instagram: ???
  • Yammer: this is top SECRET. Only the NSA and my colleagues can and will know.
  • Issuu ( Increase the number of page impressions from 44000 to 50000 (I have no idea who in the world reads that stuff but Google seems to do a pretty good job linking desperate undergrads to these summaries and works)
  • Google+, Xing, Pinterest etc.: Stay off these networks. The ones I’m active on already suffice.

Will I succeed? Will I triumph? Next year at the same time, we will know. I will monitor the numbers closely. In case I won’t reach them by the end of November 2014 – or in the unlikely case that one of the platforms ceases to exist -I will dedicate my social media life to a sole humanitarian purpose: propagating the immense impetus, greatness and benevolence of a possible collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

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